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Dog Training Ring

Dog Training Ring

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Introducing the Dog Training Ring, the perfect toy for your beloved furry friend! Designed specifically for big dogs, this interactive training ring is made from durable EVA material that can withstand even the toughest play sessions. Whether you're playing fetch or engaging in a game of tug-of-war, this ring is resistant to pulling and biting, ensuring long-lasting fun. The lightweight design allows for easy flying disc action, making it an ideal toy for small dogs as well. Enhance your dog's physical activity and mental stimulation with this versatile and engaging toy. Get ready for hours of playtime and bonding with your four-legged companion!


  • Material: Durable EVA
  • Size: Suitable for big dogs
  • Resistant to pulling and biting
  • Lightweight and easy to fly
  • Suitable for small dogs as well
  • Promotes physical activity and mental stimulation
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