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Funny Crisps Dog Plush Toys (Chew Molars)

Funny Crisps Dog Plush Toys (Chew Molars)

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【Funny Dog Crisps Squeaky Toys】
These fun dog toys are shaped like crisps and chips packets with a plush
squishy outside and inner squeaker that makes a crunching sound when
squeezed.  Your dog will love playing with these realistic-looking toys
that are as amusing as the real thing but safe for chewing and biting.

【Plush Filling and Bite-Resistant】
The plush outer layer of the crisps toys is durable yet soft, protecting
the inner squeaker.  It is resistant to bites and chewing, avoiding
easy damage.  The filling provides an extra cushioning layer.  Your dog
can squeeze, chew and shake these toys for hours of entertainment.

【Squeaking Noises】
As your dog plays with each crisps toy, they will be rewarded with
squeaking sounds that mimic the crunching of real snacks.  The squeakers
provide interactive fun and an stimulating game of chase, catch, and

【Size for Small to Medium Dogs】
These crisps dog toys come in an ideal size for small to medium dogs. 
Please check the dimensions to ensure appropriate sizing for your dog
and their chewing strength.  For larger or more aggressive chewers, a
bigger toy size or an alternative toy material may need to be

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